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Join me, Stephen Parkins, in exploring the challenge of creating innovative impact both inside and outside the corporate world.

For startup founders, corporate employees, senior leaders and other professionals who want to make a lasting impact in their chosen field.

Our guests are a diverse group of entrepreneurial minds. They each bring inspiring stories, and they share their unique experiences, their triumphs, their hurdles, as they’ve tried to carve out paths of innovation and change in both realms.

Episode 9 – Dr Aurelia Engelsberger

Episode 8 – Adam Forbes

Episode 7 – Vrinda Kabra

Episode 6 – Simon Nopp

Episode 5 – Jasper Brand

Episode 4 – Becky Downing

Episode 3 – Saby Sengupta

Episode 2 – Nick Himowicz

Episode 1 – Katie Ireland

Series 1 introduction

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